King Solomon’s Chapter No. 95


High Priest Fernel K. Andong
King Edward Aldana
Scribe David J. Osuna
Treasurer Mori Moriuchi, PHP
Secretary Joshua L. Cusing, KYCH
Chaplain Marty M. Cusing, KYCH
Captain of the Host David R. Jolliffe, KYCH
Principal Sojourner Renato G. Alferez
Royal Arch Captain Shawn M. Snowden
Master of the Third Veil Gary L. Stephens, PHP
Master of the Second Veil Walter A. Ancheta, KYCH
Master of the First Veil Evan W. Brewer, PHP

Officer’s Coach Mori Moriuchi, PHP
Grand High Priest Thomas Chavez, KYGCH
Asst. Grand Lecturer Tony Yuson, PGHP, KYGCH
Dept. 1 Inspector District 14 Joshua Cusing, KYCH
Deputy Grand Officer Jonathan Prestage, KYCH

King Solomon's Chapter No. 95 Royal Arch Masons

Stated Convocation
Dinner 6:30 PM | Meeting 7:30 PM
Every 3rd Wednesday of

Burlingame Masonic Center
145 Park Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010

King Solomon's Chapter No. 95 Officers