California Council No. 2


Illustrious Master Fernel Andong.
Deputy Master Joshua L. Cusing, IPM
Principal Conductor of the Work William Gerald Eadus
Treasurer Shawn Snowden
Recorder Mori Moriuchi, IPM
Chaplain Arthur Walton, KYCH
Captain of the Guard Salvador Tandoc
Conductor of the Council Reynaldo Aralar, Jr.
Steward Francis Feliciano
Sentinel Renato G. Alferez

Officer’s Coach (vacant)
Dept. 3 Inspector Arch 4 Steven Tarver, IPM
Dept. Assist. Dir. of Ritual C. Alberto Chavez, KYCH
Dept. 3 Grand Officer Guy Chalmers, KYCH 

California Council No. 2 Cryptic Masons

Stated Assembly
6:30 PM Dinner | 7:30 PM Meeting
Every 2nd Friday of the month
*Except in July and August 

Burlingame Masonic Center
145 Park Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010

California Council No. 2 Cryptic Masons