California Chapter No. 1


High Priest Bill  Warner Sr.
King Francis Feliciano
Scribe Salvador Tandoc
Treasurer Bruce Lyons
Secretary Arthur Walton, KYCH
Chaplain Norman Mallillin, PHP
Captain of the Host Reynaldo  Aralar Jr.
Principal Sojourner William  Eadus
Royal Arch Captain Jonathan Galvez.
Master of the Third Veil Antonio Triunfante
Master of the Second Veil Reyno del Rosario  
Master of the First Veil Jimmy Fowler
Sentinel Richard Campbell

Officer’s Coach Mark Harris, KYCH
Grand High Priest Thomas Chavez, KYCH
Dept. 1 Inspector District 14 Joshua Cusing, PHP
Grand Lecturer Tony Yuson, PGHP, KYCH
Deputy Grand Officer Jonathan Prestage, KYCH

Stated Convocation
Dinner 6:30 PM | Meeting 7:30 PM
Every 3rd Friday of the month
*Except in July and August 

San Francisco Scottish Rite
2850 19th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94132

corner of 19th Ave. and Sloat Blvd. 

California Chapter No. 1 Royal Arch Masons 2024 Officers